General Info

Events have historically sold out, in which case due to venue capacity no more tickets will be sold. So get your tickets now – we don’t want you to miss out!

All of our events are 18+ only. Accepted forms of ID include: Australia Drivers Licenses, Digital IDs, Proof of Age/Photo ID Cards (or state equivalent), and passports.

All of the above forms of ID must be valid and within date, original and not copies, photos or scanned versions. Entry to venue will be at the discretion of the venue licensee, security and NSW police. We cannot interfere with this process.

All international guests must bring their passport as their form of ID.

No fake IDs or borrowing friends’ IDs.

If venue security and police suspect foulplay, you may be asked to provide a second and matching form of photo ID.

Venues are strictly no-vape, no-smoking inside. Provided there are smoking areas, you may smoke and vape freely in those areas.

An AniRave is an experiential dance event that celebrates Japanese anime and pop culture through electronic music, cosplay and other forms of expression.

The date and location of the event will be listed on the website’s event page. Please subscribe to our Neotopian email list for exclusive and early bird invites and check back regularly for updates.


Rules & Safety

Dresscode is relaxed. You can wear what you want but it is highly recommended to follow our event theme to enjoy the best experience. We highly recommend immersing yourself in our themes.

There are a few exceptions to dresscode, including:

  1. No bare feet or thongs
  2. No FULL costume makeup/full covered facepaint for your cosplay (this is for security checks), we recommend doing touching up inside. If it doesn’t make your features unrecognisable, it will be okay.
  1. Illegal or illicit substances, drugs or drug paraphernalia
  2. Chewing gum
  3. Outside food and drinks, including alcohol and water
  4. Professional cameras or recording equipment (unless approved by Neotopia)
  5. Selfie sticks bigger than 30cm
  6. Fake weapons will be subject to testing by security upon entry. Where fake weapons can be secured and deemed as a no risk, security will allow the carry of costume props. Where it has been deemed too dangerous, you may cloak the item away for $5 at our cloak room.
  7. Balloons
  8. Large bags and backpacks (bags are subject to security checks)
  9. Liquids or aerosols (including Amyl Nitrate, Nitrous Oxide Canisters, and deodorant)
  10. Vicks (or equivalent) inhalers
  11. Any medications that has not been cleared with event organisers prior to the event

If you bring illegal/illicit items to an event, you will be handed over to security and police.

For other prohibited or restricted iteams, you may be refused entry without refund or will be asked to check the item into the cloak room (depending on the item).

Please note:

The following items are okay to bring:

  1. Small backpacks/bags
  2. Empty water bottles
  3. Cigarettes (minimise issues with sealed packets)
  4. GoPros (small digital cameras)
  5. LED gloves
  6. Prescription medication that has been cleared with event organisers prior to the event.

If you are found to be overly intoxicated, you will be asked to go home by venue security. Any taxis or ubers called on your behalf will be your responsibility.

Yes, gloves and other rave gear are permitted. However please be considerate of other attendees and space. Do not bring anything that can be harmful or dangerous or they will need to be disposed of or cloaked. Entry we be at the discretion of event security.

Absolutely! We encourage sharing and creating content at the event.

Absolutely! We encourage creating TikToks and having fun at our events and sharing it with the world.

Please remember to tag us or collaborate with us at on all socials.

  1. No functional props or weapons are allowed at Fortress. Live firearms (including airsoft types) functioning or decommissioned are not permitted.
  2. Replica firearms, metal, solid resin/plastic/rubber are not permitted. All firearm weapons and props are to be rendered inoperable and are required to have an orange safety tip at all times.
  3. Nerf weapons must be inoperable & must not fire any form of projectile.
  4. String-operated props and weapons must be unstrung or strung with low-tensile thread.
  5. Arrows must be soft blunted tips. Made of foam & cardboard only.
  6. Metal swords, knives, spears & bladed weapons are not permitted. Likewise, any sharp implements (eg, needles, glass shards, syringes, etc.) are not permitted.
  7. Stilted costumes may be prohibited in certain areas of Fortress, in particular areas such as the Tavern & the LAN Lounge where ceiling clearance is too low.
  8. All props must be checked & Peace Bonded by Fortress Handlers.
  • Peace bonding is the inspection of Cosplay weapons & props & the indication to all staff that the prop meets all the above requirements. A zip tie will be attached to the prop in the least intrusive way but in a manner that is notable to staff.



Credit and debit cards are accepted.

Tickets are limited to 10 per person. Unless you have contacted our team for special group offers.

Transfers are available if you are the original purchaser. Any tickets purchased from a reseller may not be transferred unless approved by the original purchaser.

Please email [email protected] for any support.

Yes, early bird ticket sales happen in advance and are strictly limited within a certain timeframe or until sold out. Discount tickets are strictly limited and once sold out, it is final.

If your ticket has NOT been purchased directly from the Neotopia website or Eventbrite platform, your a legitimate reseller (Neotopia Promoter), you are at risk of being denied entry as per ticket policy. Purchasing your ticket from unauthorised resale sites or scalpers does not guarantee an authentic ticket for which Neotopia takes no responsibility.

Standard VIP tickets include:

  • Express entry in our exclusive VIP line (avoid standing out in the elements)
  • Exclusive access to special VIP areas (changes from venue to venue – expect to get better vantage points or up close to the artists and performers)
  • Access to VIP bar for faster drink service (depends on venue)


VIP Packages (Min bar tab – $1000) include:

  • An exclusive private area with access to your own table lounge and chairs.
  • A bottle girl hostess for the evening to serve drinks
  • A 1L bottle
  • 10x VIP Tickets


costumes & themes

Yes. There will be a cloakroom on site for $5 for you to store any excessive or bulky costume material, jackets, or for storing prohibited/restricted items.

Please make sure to take it with you on the way out.

Costumes can be anything you want it to be.

Some basic rules:

  1. Avoid covering your face with costume makeup (any makeup that covers your features is banned)
  2. Minimise usage of delicate appendages such as wings, giant legs and arms, etc.
  3. Combine elements of casual attire with costume to get your best experience and comfort.


Keep in mind space will be limited and costumes may get damaged.

General rule of thumb is if anything can cause any physcial damage it will not be allowed on premise.

  • Metal weapons are BANNED, UNLESS they may be secured in a sheath or similar packaging with zipties
  • Wooden weapons are BANNED UNLESS they may be secured in a sheath or similar packaging with zipties
  • Soft small weapons which don’t look too realistic may be allowed based on the discretion of security on the night

Any oversized costume accessories that can cause damage or block up the venue will not be allowed.

They may be cloaked at entry for $5.


Food & Beverage

Our events are 18+, there will be licensed bars in site which stock a variety of drinks, including, but not limited to beer, RTD’s, hard liquor and non-alcoholic beverages such as water, energy drinks & soft dirnks. Prices vary from venue to venue. All venues Neotopia work with practice the responsible service of alcohol in accordance with the state liquor act.

Venue is a fully cashless venue.

Bottles will be available to purchase for an VIP packages that include tables. You may pre-purchase them before the event or purchase additional on the night. Please let your host know.

Further Information

If you have not yet found the information you are looking for please contact us